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QUICK FIVE: 5 of the most captivating moments in Matt Reardon’s new explosive Riding With The Outlaw release “The Patriot Games Continue”

First 5 Minutes of new Riding With The Outlaw release “The Patriot Games Continue” which is currently being slightly modified.The true story about a Patriotic Citizen and USMC Veteran whom was framed by the local Government and select individuals in a much larger, more sinister plot that continues to unfold. See more at Outlaw.News,, OxfordOutlaw.Com, or
Another absolutely hair raising scene from the new 90 minute jaw dropping Riding With The Outlaw release
This is the shocker of filings that is currently before the Mississippi Court of Appeals and is expected overturn the entire “witch hunt” from 2017. Follow along and listen
Massive corruption comes to a head with Department of Justice Foul Play and Corrupt Involvement when the US Attorneys Office proves to be complicit and acting like a lifeguard “watching a child drown”. The FBI playing a clear hand in destruction of evidence really added to the drama as well. And all of this came about due to the advisement of one man who should be garnering public trust, not shredding it. Assistant US Attorney Blowhard Bob Norman. Absolute Scum of the earth

All in all, win or lose, there is one for sure message that can be taken from all of this. You never can predict if someone you wrongfully took part in criminally framing and hanging will return with a camera and microphone, making a documentary/movie or write a slew of books about you that you can never get rid of. These people destroyed my life and at the same time they gave me my life story which it in itself is one in a billion

BONUS (in case you haven’t listened to this) The war on Mainstream Media begins

This Shocking Rule 60 Motion Sworn and Submitted December 23rd 2020 by Oxford Outlaw Matt Reardon is absolutely MIND-BLOWING!

This is MISS Rule 60 Outlaw’s Way | Riding With The Outlaw starts the next chapter of “The Patriot Games”

In fact the word Criminal and Complicity are the first two words that come to mind if Judge John Kelly Luther does not IMMEDIATELY grant a hearing to further examine all the facts Oxford Outlaw Matt Reardon has sworn and laid out in the many court filings he has filed in 2020 in regards to the WITCHHUNT that destroyed Reardon’s life under knowingly false pretenses back in 2017.

All signs have been showing Luther as complicit and a major contributing cause in the fraud leading up to now, and unless the Supreme Court in his pocket, it won’t in any way play out well for this Circuit Court Judge when the time comes in getting to the bottom of why he so adamantly refused Reardon whom has demonstrated his innocence and detailed out the massive fraud taking place in this very court.

This is only a piece of the latest filing in Lafayette County Circuit Court, the same court that has denied and refused Reardon the right to a hearing, and even gone so far as to fraudulently change court records in order to prevent Reardon from obtaining Vindication and Justice in order to overturn everything and restore his rights and life which were brutally destroyed through the most criminal of acts in 2017 stemming up to now

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