Matt’s Story

It was a steady barrage of bullshit thrown at me. In less than a minute’s time I was committed all-in, shoving my time, talent, reputation, and even my life to the middle in what truly feels like a High-Stakes No-Limit Game of Texas Holdem Poker. A strong message hurled right back at a clearly broken system. A system designed to be comprised of the highest integrity and fairness. The last preventive stop block in the way keeping good from being completely overtaken by evil.

In a moments notice I made an extremely bold, pivotal move demonstrating defiance in the absence of fear while bolstering confidence in the presence of conviction. A complete refusal to back down and a refusal to negotiate. Way too much has been lost over the past few years- quite frankly extorted and stolen from me. That number continues to climb and no end is in sight. The only remedy, the only option left was to fight with all of my dedication and might. Especially when intentional attacks against me worsened simply for defending myself, gathering evidence of wrongdoing, and asking the right questions while continuing to be in the right place at the right time. These people have known what they were doing this entire time and I don’t doubt that for a second. The manipulation and destruction of our long standing constitution is downright repugnant and offensive that society as a whole haven’t stepped up and banded together by force and numbers to prevent further damage.

After all, in December of 2007 I swore an oath to my country that I would support, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I would bear true faith and allegiance to the same. The sworn oath I took has no expiration date. It is gravely concerning that the state government has refused to provide oversight over its agencies and its courts, denying a citizen, a marine corps veteran the equal protections under the laws that Govern and always have Governed our Nation as a whole.

Am I the only one out there that truly grasps the frightening reality of everything that is happening? The fact that if they would go to all these extents expending the money, time, and effort to attack, destroy, and suppress a USMC Veteran, that nobody is no longer truly safe and protected? A corrupt, entitled, and demanding chunk of the population whom I have no doubt would easily crash our economy and install a totalitarian style Government in record breaking time. That’s where fellow Patriots, Veterans, Three Percenters, Oath Keepers, and Militias come into play. America’s Insurance Policy.

The past three years have been an absolute nightmare that I’ve been unable to wake up from. Up until I witnessed everything firsthand myself, I had always believed the most sinister public corruption scandals and organized crime were reserved for those well known, politicians, or the rich and famous. The past 3 years of my life, however, have produced some of the most shocking of occurrences. Absolute INCREDIBLE amounts of organized crime, racketeering, extortion, public corruption, deprivation of rights, legal interference, custodial interference, conspiracy, contempt, and even more contempt. Even systemic organized kidnapping make up this extreme hell of a nightmare that’s been my life. I now find myself in 5 ongoing court battles, of which include a current Supreme Court Appeal and a $27.5 million dollar federal lawsuit filed 03/06/2022 against the State of MS, Lafayette County, and Communicare.

More Evidence Released 12/25/2020

That number of ongoing concurrent court battles could easily double at any time, and end is no where in sight if it ever comes. It gives off all feelings of a Modern Day David vs Goliath especially when taking into consideration that I am still standing on my two feet against a State Government and it’s obstructionist agencies without attorney representation yet having concrete evidence and a refusal to back down! I’ve learned to trust my gut and never back down when it comes to an issue of conviction and surety. Especially when everything is on the line after everything else was lost due to the dramatic life changing impact their malice hands.

CLICK HERE to read the entire complaint. Currently in amend to add parties and further detail the fraud

This is a level of evil intricacy that exceeds that of any John Grisham book I’ve ever read and that is a bit intimidating when I begin to piece every puzzle piece to this criminal racket undoubtedly controlled by Deep State Involvement. The Media is refusing to cover it despite all undoubtable evidence, so they clearly are controlled. I’ve got a lengthy list of every outlet that regularly looks at the new evidence and new court filings yet refuse to cover it showing complicity in the massive fraud currently ongoing by ways of suppression.

The FBI has refused to cooperate in complying with a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request which was submitted in April of 2020 requesting the 302 Investigative Report or any report for that matter which would have been generated May 25th, 2017 when I had sat down with two agents at the field office in Oxford, MS at the recommendation and advisement of an Assistant US Attorney, Bob Norman, whom you will commonly hear me refer to throughout Riding With The Outlaw as “Blowhard Bob”.

What’s even more alarming than that is the fact that the Public Information Officer for the FBI actually just admitted via email that they could not locate the report generated by me sitting down with two FBI Agents on May 25, 2017, the day before I was ambushed on the Square in Oxford, MS. Of course they claim the video evidence would have been erased by now. But that is only the start of the complete insanity.

On May 24th 2017 Assistant US Attorney Bob Norman had recommended that I sit down with the FBI due to a death threat I received as well as who would become the soon-to-be incoming Mayor Robyn Tannehill and her husband Rhea taking out a cheap shot bullshit injunction on me the 22nd of May which barred me from a pre-scheduled speaking engagement at city hall June 6 2017,coincidentally the day of the mayors election.

Now when adding in the Evidence hidden or destroyed by the sheriffs department and sealed by the County Attorney in regards to the May 24th, 2017 phone call received by Jarrett Bundren which by their own admission stemmed the warrant, what you have is a complete shit show full of dereliction from Agencies and the Government clearly scrambling to cover their own tracks.

All of everything stemming from the extreme liability the State decided to load itself up on due to an insanely crazy WITCHHUNT that has stretched out for 3 years! Oh, and by the way, 3 weeks from now will mark 1 YEAR not seeing my 6 year old daughter Lydia in retaliation by her mother, Phyllis “Liz” Crowder, getting caught up in a nasty rabbit hole conspiracy in a failed attempt to falsely frame me for rape at the end of 2018. I’m retaliated against due to her being picked up on a year old warrant for the crime of making a false report. It would appear in the reality of some that they feel entitled to report false crimes, destroy lives, separate families, and manipulate courts and judges through an inter-networking channel of attorneys using pay for play as their get out of jail free card.

The crazy part here was that while I was the victim in this crime, it was OLIVE BRANCH POLICE DEPARTMENT that charged her with the crime and pursued her, not me. In my opinion they really misfired on this one, shooting from the hip, because a misdemeanor making false report charge is nowhere near appropriate when it comes to someone falsely claiming another raped them.

All in all it was an insult to have given up freedoms and liberties JUST to prove she was lying and had indeed planned this out. I feel cheated in a big way for the real crime to not be charged, Criminal Conspiracy, especially after she admitted on a recorded call to her husband playing a big part in everything. I also had hoped we as a society would have moved past the “Me-Too” vagina hat wearing “femi-nazi” era after the successful appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court when he prevailed against his false accusers.

I’m speaking from first-hand knowledge as a victim to it that it is no doubt one of the biggest stains on American Freedoms and Values along with being one of the biggest drains and scams on society, only to be topped by the 2020 election, COVID-19, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama. I believe someone who falsely reports a serious sex crime such as that or molestation should be sentenced worse than the crime they falsely accuse, otherwise there is no true deterrent to put an end to it, and the credibility of true victims is forever dwindled down making them fear coming forward. Not to mention the actual victim’s life that would likely forever be destroyed, if not killed in jail before ever having the chance to prove they were falsely accused. The life altering damage that a single vengeful false allegation stemming an arrest can cause is unsurpassable. As the victim of false allegations multiple times over the past 3–4 years due to the precedence set in allowing the individual to get away with it the first time has directly created this systemic issue that the true blame needs to be placed on the State Government for being culpably negligent in allowing this nonsense to go on and further preventing the victim equal protections under the laws of the State of Mississippi.

Legislation overhaul is badly needed further paving way to certain reforms in the criminal justice system which at this point are mandatory. I would say that anyone who doesn’t agree with that after all assessing all evidence and the criminal wrongdoing that the current legislature and criminal justice system has caused is clearly a big part of the problem continuing to cause this major problem.

So in retaliation she sets off on a journey fully committed to see it through to the end, despite scamming me out of the majority of my passive income due to a 4 year old child support agreement that was created at a time when my income was much higher, approximately 5x what it is right now.

Meanwhile the Municipal Court of Olive Branch couldn’t have made a more reckless call in further victimizing the victim to the fullest and denying him equal protections of the laws. The judge in this case, Leslie Shumake, outrageously gave her 30 days in jail for her failed attempt to not only frame me for Rape, but she even ADMITTED ON A RECORDED PHONE CALL to it being something that had been co-conspired upon by her Husband as well whom never was charged. Judge Shumake allowed her to plea no contest with an intention to contest her plea or the sentence via appeal. How is someone allowed to contest a no-contest plea in the first place!? Outrageous! Judge Shumake went on to temporarily suspending her 30 day jail sentence for 30 days in order to allow her to contentiously contest her own plea via appeal despite all evidence of her extreme guilt. When she submitted her appeal two weeks late and the circuit court denied it and sent it back to Municipal Court in order for the sentence to be executed, this liberal judge permanently did away with the jail sentence given so long as she paid the $1209.25 fine in full. My $600 per month in child support helped to pay for that I’m sure.

I learned one thing in particular from Municipal Court Judge Leslie Shumake that day and that is that the State and this court and I am sure most courts throughout the State of Mississippi care little to nothing about the victim of a crime. All they care about is money, further showing the money generating racket in place in Olive Branch in order for the City to prosper at the hands of both criminals and victims.

To exacerbate everything to the fullest, I am baited out of my house to drive an hour to Olive Branch on November 19, 2020 because I am led to believe by the clerk that in order for me to request all records in this case, I’d have to do it in person. I am also told on November 17, 2020 that Judge Shumake wanted to speak to me about the Crowder outcome and why he did what he did. However, this was not the case. Olive Branch was actually baiting me in with a pre-disposed notion to have me arrested and extorted despite the fact that I made it clear upfront I had some vehicle issues along with financial issues currently due to all of this extreme nonsense. No sooner than I am called to the stand, and before I even open my mouth to say a thing I am threatened with arrest and extortion. Something that would easily give off the chilling reality of a tyrant using fear to suppress a citizen.

I have submitted multiple motions following this arrest for discovery as well as a motion to dismiss and a motion to transfer to county court in order to have this criminal charge tried by a jury in order to produce the undeniable evidence that I did absolutely nothing wrong and only performed my constitutional duty. However all motions have been denied and Judge Leslie Shumake insists on trying the contempt charge given by him, which is clearly unlawful, in his court before him. We no longer have laws and the United States would appear to have become a third world country if the accused has to stand trial before his accuser whom also happens to triple as the judge, jury, and executioner. All the while denying him equal protections of the law in order to deter serious crimes when he was the victim of false accusations and conspired upon plots.

Initial Hearing via Zoom where I stress the constitutional crisis this court has created in denying motions to dismiss or transfer on this faux contempt charge that was baited by city employees.

So I filed a federal lawsuit in US District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi to block it and am currently in the process of amending the initial complaint.

At the same time the Chancery Court of Lafayette County has full blown gone on tilt just letting her do whatever the hell it is she wants, letting her attorney call the shots and write orders without any say by me, and then entering them fully expecting me to comply and allow another attorney whom was named by my ex’s attorney to invade my privacy and deprive me further of what rights haven’t been stripped away, when I have been the victim this entire time? No thank you. I’m not getting on that crazy train. When tyranny becomes law, Rebellion becomes duty. I’d rather await a jury trial in federal court from jail before I ever submit to an unconstitutional requirement by the State of Mississippi, its courts, and it’s agencies whom have been complicit in the fraud and treasonous crimes against humanity that they have committed in order to cover up their own wrongdoing and liability stemmed. Lafayette County, The City of Oxford, & The City of Olive Branch Mississippi have ripped a permanent tear through the fabric of society and the integrity of our courts.

It never ends. Freak occurrences, Government Involvement. Lies. Allegations. Legal proceedings initiated in order to try to get me to “slip up”. All the while the biggest criminals remain at large continuing to commit the same crimes while the unclean hands of the culpably negligent state actors continue to get filthier demonstrating an adamant refusal by the State of Mississippi to adhere to its own established rules, laws, constitution and even the Federal Constitution. Especially in particular to providing fair and non-biased equal protections under it’s laws which it has an obligation to each citizen to provide in order to maintain a functioning society.

My Story is one like none other. It’s not something I write, but rather something I live daily. The story of a Framed Patriotic American who refused to accept defeat and single handedly took one of the largest stands in a modern day “David vs Goliath” battle of Good vs Evil. I put it all on the line, and not just for me, not just for my daughters, not just for my family, but for the sake of America Although my story truly started when I was born, THIS story started when I was politically framed for a crime I didn’t nor couldn’t commit back in 2017. I was coerced under stress to plea out in order to see and ultimately get my daughter back into my life after being treated like the worst of criminals for simply being a patriot and constitutionalist who took a stand to protect our rights which had began to come under attack by the city of Oxford, and now are under full blown siege. I was never truly given the opportunity to prove my innocence, as this was already a known fact by the local Government, agencies, prosecution, and the accusers all along. Hence the reason I started on the mission of producing my story through the LIVE Ongoing Documentary, Riding With The Outlaw.

On May 26th, 2017 I was ambushed and arrested on the square in Oxford, MS by 4 sheriffs investigators, Jarrett Bundren, Alan Wilburn, Scott Mills, and the fourth I do not know to this day. May 26th 2017 was a very Ironic day to say the least. Not only was it my now mother-in-law’s birthday whom I was set to meet for the first time just two hours later, but it was also the day after I sat down with two FBI agents at the local field branch office in Oxford to discuss a death threat that was reported to me along with a recent hijack plan put in place by Rhea and Robyn Tannehill to silence me and further block from speaking at city hall (as I was scheduled to speak June 6, 2017) through preliminary injunctive relief sought and granted despite their claims not being valid and even pointing out constitutionally protected activity which were reasons barred from seeking injunctive relief on.

Ironic given all the more recent developments of “coincidences” happening at the hands of the FBI who have clearly demonstrated that they have turned into a completely politicized weapon, and still are! Also, ironically, I only sat down with the FBI because it was at the advisement of an Assistant US Attorney I had spoken with on May 24th, 2017 and further put my trust, faith, and confidence in by the name of Bob Norman, I now refer to as Blowhard Bob. By law I was supposed to have been brought before the judge within 48 hours to get the original bond, however Lafayette County decided to hold me for 96 hours (4 days) before bringing me to justice court for a bond hearing. A black democrat justice court judge named Carolyn Bell gave me a $150,000 bond and refused to allow me to address the court to show there was in fact zero proof that the state had and I had complete proof of my innocence which a simple bill of sale in my possession would show.

The bond set was 3 times higher than the MAXIMUM guidelines set by the supreme court for a crime up to 10 years incarceration, the charge levied at me saw a maximum 5 years for alleged “aggravated stalking” which the state then changed to “cyber stalking”. I didn’t realize it at the time, but May 30th (the day of my bond hearing) was exactly 7 days (1 week) before the incoming mayor Robyn Tannehill was to be elected and also the same day I was listed on the public agenda to speak out at city hall following the then Police Chief of Oxford Police Department, Joey East.

The entire time the state (county) was grabbing at straws which I would later find out was a quid pro quo plot which would further assist the incoming Democrat/Socialist Mayor Robyn Tannehill by silencing and sliding her biggest and certainly most outspoken adversary out of the way. As a presumably innocent man, or should have been per the constitution and the way the accused are looked at in the eyes of the law, I sat illegally and unconstitutionally confined with no bond reduction hearing ever set despite numerous requests by me in order to get out and provide for my dependents as well as proving my innocence, not to mention build a solid case against those who plotted against me.

I was coerced under fear and stress to plea out on July 6th, 2017 which coincidentally was 7 days (1 week) after Robyn Tannehill was sworn into office as the 36th Mayor of Oxford, although I personally believe with the facts and evidence of everything that she became the 1st illegitimate mayor of Oxford. Even worse, I was banished from the city and county for the term of my supervised probation (5 years). Making matters even worse, I had to sign a covenant to not sue the sheriffs department, any officers involved, any city or county elected official or employee, or Todd & Ashley Lynch.

They all but removed every opportunity to right the wrongs done and get my life back which was so savagely taken and seek legal remedy. They thought they had every angle tied up, one big problem, though. Actually two. First, I got off of probation at half time, 2.5 years. The second, the county opened the door and gave me every legitimate reason to legally bypass the covenant to not sue when even more corruption started to surface and the county refused to comply with a public records/freedom of information act request (FOIA) when the sheriffs department admitted in the last batch of documents requested that Deputy Jarrett Bundren had received a mystery phone call on May 24th, 2017 just two days before I was ambushed on the square in Oxford.

The 24th just happened to also be the day before i met with the FBI, the day I spoke to Assistant US Attorney Blowhard Bob Norman, and two days after Rhea and Robyn Tannehill petitioned the court for an emergency injunction which would effectively bar me from speaking at the upcoming city council meeting.

Not long into my discovery phase, I realized that there was much more involvement in this plot than what I originally thought. This was particularly made clear when Judge John Kelly Luther has insisted on taking assignment of every single matter tying back to the original criminal cause lk17-295 which I have long claimed was a fraudulent criminal matter– a “witch-hunt”– which stemmed from some of the illest of intent in order to pad county liability and bring about fly-by-night changes to city’s gun law ordinance during the election of Oxford Mayor Robyn Tannehill. One of the boldest of moves which would also benefit certain government officials.

Judge luther had also insisted upon choosing the out-of-town judge whom would decide the trial in justice court on november 4, 2021 when 9 charges were lodged against me by lafayette county sheriffs department and liz crowder and all justice court judges in lafayette county recused themselves. During this completely bizarre, ill-brought trial which i had claimed since day one was done as retaliation, knowingly perjured testimony was introduced and never corrected, evidence was not preserved by the sheriff’s department, proper procedure was never followed by deputies, and due process was completely violated. Even the lafayette county sheriff got on stand and gave untrue, sloppy, and defamatory testimony! Yet still i was found guilty on the majority of highly disputable, unjust charges despite my repetitive claims of retaliation and injustice taking place through a mob-dominated trial of lies and much worse. Over the weekend following me noticing the circuit court of intent to appeal the verdict and judgement to a trial de novo on december 3rd 2021, judge luther took assignment of the appeal (l21-494) despite it being assigned to judge kent smith on december 3rd 2021 when it was opened!

Keep in mind we have 3 circuit court judges in which cases rotate through an algorithm that randomly chooses the assigned judge on a new case in order to help ensure fairness as well as ensuring that this very thing doesn’t happen! Luther Has never ruled one time in my favor in granting me the first hearing to present evidence in open court in seeking full vindication of rights December 6, 2021 I probe into how and why the assigned judge could have mysteriously changed to Luther again after Deputy Circuit Clerk Chyna Sinervo told me Friday December 3rd that my randomly assigned judge was Kent Smith However, come Monday December 6th 2021, this was not the case and I was quickly reminded of the same ironic events which occurred a little more than a year prior It became clearer and clearer that this was an all or nothing mission that I could not back down from as I began to get closer and closer to the fire and found more and more Government involvement and push back from the same ones that plotted to frame me, silence me, get rid of me, and ultimately destroy my life back in 2017. This is my duty. I have an obligation. The oath I made to uphold and protect the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic is very much intact and alive. It’s that and my children that are the best reasons of any as to my seriousness. I am facing off against a fierce, well banded, and determined enemy, that is for sure. But I am fiercer and much more determined, a race against the clock, and I am a man, a patriot, on a mission in an all out war on corruption for the sake of my children, my family, myself, and society


All my best,

Matt Reardon