The November-Nine Mob Dominated Trials

This is where things completely fell apart for the Sheriffs Department and should have resulted in an acquittal or a mistrial. Can you imagine?

This is the “Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest” charge

This is the “DUI” where the video of the Field Sobriety Test Disappeared

Audio Recording of traffic stop on 2/21/2021

And finally here is the nonsense 3 other charges by Liz Crowder

The Judge ALSO found me guilty of Resisting Arrest although it’s disposition somehow was not included with the rest. See why they denied me a jury trial and insisted on trial by Judge? They had every intention on RIGGING it!

So in return I filed my Notice of Appeal

The evidence couldn’t be clearer and speaks for itself! Remember, 4 Judges Recused from hearing the case! Trial by MOB DOMINATION!

How much more case law is needed than what is discussed above