Auditor UNLAWFULLY ARRESTED for Felony in Galveston, TX 8/11/23 after FALSE Report made

On August 11, 2023, Matthew Reardon was pulled over by Galveston Texas police department for suspicion of DWI after a troll allegedly called in a false report to dispatch that Reardon had been drinking alcohol while behind the wheel of his car.

Bobby Kennedy admits being the culprit to calling Galveston Police Department on 8/11/2023 and reporting Reardon was “driving drunk”

Upon making contact with him through conducting a traffic stop, Galveston police officers stated that they smelled the odor of alcohol coming from Reardon’s car. Reardon stated to the police that he had not consumed a drop of alcohol over the last 3 to 4 years’ time when asked to step out of the vehicle and conduct a field sobriety test. He stated that the field sobriety test has been notorious for being rigged and proceeded to demand a breathalyzer test be administered to prove that he had not consumed any alcoholic beverages. Reardon, a First Amendment Auditor and constitutional rights activist, was recording this encounter along with two friends adjacent to the stop. Galveston police insist on the field sobriety test, which Reardon refuses, demands an attorney, and again demands a breathalyzer test be administered.

Reardon is then placed under arrest for suspicion of DWI, loaded into the back of a truck, and brought to the hospital for a blood test to be administered. The department refused to administer a breathalyzer as demanded, despite the probable cause remaining that the odor of alcohol was the motivating force. The officers proceeded to a blood draw, claiming that a warrant was being applied for to obtain the blood sample. Without being shown any warrant, Reardon is forcibly held down by nearly 10 officers while handcuffed behind his back and then stuck with a needle multiple times in his right arm.

After all of this Reardon is brought to the Galveston County jail. While in booking, Reardon hears the arresting officer on a phone call with deputy Kandi Beavers with the Lafayette County Mississippi sheriff’s department where she allegedly conspires with the officer to book Reardon for felony DUI third, despite a highly controversial DUI from February 2021 involving Deputy Beavers. Reardon insists the particular 2021 DUI is currently on appeal after crucial evidence proving Reardon’s innocence on that particular DUI came up missing at his November, 2021 trial. Reardon has also strongly asserted that Deputy Beavers committed perjury by lying on stand and under oath in order to send Reardon off to prison for one year in 2022, a claim he says should not only Brady-List Beavers and terminate her employment as a law enforcement officer, but also criminally indict her based upon credible evidence that has been brought forth and asserted. Reardon claims that this attempt to jail him in Galveston, Texas for felony DUI, based upon false allegations made is an outrageous attempt to re-imprison him through using Galveston, TX to do Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department’s bidding. Particularly that of Deputy Kandi Beavers based upon the serious allegations Reardon has brought to the surface about the Deputy’s knowingly false, retaliatory claims made. A video detailing out these claims on Beavers can be viewed here

Watch the video above of the controversial DWI Arrest on 8/11/2023. Reardon anxiously awaits clearing his name by additional Discovery to come in this matter.

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Citizen drives 2.5 hours to MS Attorney General’s Office to file complaints and is REFUSED ASSISTANCE!

On Monday, August 7th 2023, A concerned citizen commuted 2.5 hours to Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch’s Office to report multiple serious occurrences of public corruption in North Mississippi, particularly Lafayette County, Mississippi. Upon arriving, he was refused access to the Attorney Generals Office, and no investigator would speak with him despite his repeated protests about the seriousness of the crimes that occurred and continue to occur. The situation becomes more and more tense as it becomes increasingly clear that this office is completely derelicting it’s duty through refusing to return a call or meet in person regarding matters of public corruption among state officials.

Reardon says he is completely fed up with the corruption running rampant throughout the State of Mississippi. He says there is a blatant refusal by a plethora of state officials to honor their oaths of office and protect the civil/constitutional rights of citizens, and that what occurred on Monday August 7th 2023 is yet even more proof of this.

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1st Amendment Auditor ATTACKED by a Repo Man on Walmart Property in Southaven, Mississippi

On Thursday, August 3rd, 2023 a 1st Amendment Auditor and Constitutional Rights Activist got attacked by a Repo Agent in the ⁠Walmart parking lot in Southaven, MS while saving another citizen’s car from being hauled away. It Took 10-15 minutes for the first officer to show and ballooned to probably a great portion of their manpower. All of this because they refused to honor the oath that they swore to their country and its constitution, thus making their job much more difficult than it had to be.

Internal Affairs Complaints filed on responding Officers and Criminal Affidavit sworn against Repo Man

On Friday, August 4th 2023, Reardon traveled to the Southaven MS police department and met with Lieutenant Don Barr whom heads up Internal Affairs for the department. While there, internal affairs complaints get alleged against all responding officers except for one. In the midst of filling out the report, Lieutenant Barr leaves the room. Upon finishing, Reardon gets up and goes to the door, finding that the door is locked from the outside. This essentially turned this room into a jail/prison cell where Reardon was being held against his will. Eventually, Lieutenant Barr returns and Reardon then signs criminal charges against his attacker, Taylor Douget. Finally, Reardon gets sworn in by a clerk and a probable cause hearing gets set for Wednesday, August 9th, 2023.

Public Records Request is made for the 911 Call, all Officer Body Cams, and all Officer reports generated!

Immediately following the filing of internal affairs complaints and criminal charges, Reardon heads across the street to Southaven City Hall where he goes to the City Clerk’s Office and requests the 911 call, all officer body cams, and any officer report generated from response to the Walmart parking lot incident on August 3rd, 2023. This is shown above in what is marked as Part 3.

More information to be updated to this article as it becomes available

The public needs to truly weigh in on their opinions of what all is really going on here. And for those who pick the right reasons redress, redress them in a responsible way. The Southaven Police Department number is 662-393-8654 for easy finding.