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ON THE RECORD: Reardon asks for clarity into changed court records from Judge John Kelly Luther in scheduled hearing 4/12/2022

Circuit Court Judge John Kelly Luther and Matt Reardon met again for the first time in 5-years in a nearly 2-Hour motions hearing scheduled by Reardon on 4/12/2022. See what the response is when Matt Reardon asked about the mysterious changing of court records in The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office

Lafayette County and State of MS neglects duty; lets Crowder off the hook again for False Reporting of Crimes

Well, time has come and gone yet again for Liz Crowder to be taught a lesson regarding the lies and false reports given to law enforcement, in particular regarding the father of her child, Matt Reardon. Yet again the State of Mississippi through it’s obnoxiously biased prosecutors have allowed her to escape unscathed with no relief whatsoever granted to the victim/claimant, Reardon. Listen above to the 22-minute exchange in trial between Reardon, Prosecutor Bela J Chain, Judge Johnny Wayne McClarty, and Crowder’s newly hired Attorney (name unknown).

The Outlaw vs The Sheriff- A Face-Off

On January 3rd 2022, Matt Reardon said enough was enough in regards to all the intimidation and lies spewed by Lafayette County Officials and in particular it’s Sheriff Joey East, and in response filed this 12-page Affidavit of Truth. Especially after it surfaced that East was the source of false and damning information being given to Rachel Alcorn, a Supervisor with Communicare, in order to seek judicial commitment of Reardon the day after he discovers that the assigned judge in a newly filed circuit court matter appealing the rulings in Justice Court was fraudulently changed to another Judge Reardon has long claimed equated to a significant conflict of interest.

42 USC 1985- Conspiracy to Interfere with Civil Rights

I have claimed 42 USC 1985 since the beginning; it hits the nail on the head and here is why

The Fraudulent Changing of Circuit Court Records x2

EVIDENCE OF FRAUD IN LAFAYETTE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT DOCUMENTED ON TWO SEPARATE INSTANCES OVER 1-YEARS TIME Both instances involved the same initially assigned Circuit Court Judge Kent Smith which a short-time later mysteriously changed to Judge John Kelly Luther… Nobody seems to have any response or explanation for the alarming discoveries made Keep in mind …

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