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HUGE WIN!! Batesville, MS REVERSES controversial ordinance banning Video Recording in City Buildings!

Batesville, MS Mayor Hal Ferrell reveals City Ordinance barring Video Recording in the lobbies of City Buildings after a big push by a Constitutional Rights Activist and his supporters

YouTube Subscriber sends POWERFUL email to Batesville Mayor condemning Unconstitutional Ordinance

I received word from one of my YouTube Subscribers informing me that he had sent a detailed email to the Batesville, MS Mayor Hal Ferrell as well as the VFW Posts in the Panola County area condemning one of the city’s newest ordinances that has been hailed as unconstitutional.

Mississippi Bureau of Investigations Captain pulls out his phone to record Journalist

An Independent Journalist and Constitutional Rights Activist is at the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations office in Batesville, MS trying to get some answers from Lieutenant Joey Mauney or Brian Sullivan. He claims the MBI improperly hyped up information that’s constitutionally protected, while suppressing other evidence that he claims is exculpatory. Highway Patrol Captain Cooper identifies himself as the individual in charge and pulls out his phone to record Journalist.

Full Blown Constitutional Crisis Comes to a Head in Lafayette County, MS

Vigilante Investigative Reporter details out alleged large scale conspiracy by the State of Mississippi and Lafayette County Officials to intimidate, manipulate, obstruct, and defeat the due course of Justice in multiple courts. He says it amounts to a full scale attack on the Constitution and if left unchecked, poses one of the largest threats to …

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What are 1st Amendment Audits and why are they done?

1ST AMENDMENT AUDITING: The practice of exercising one’s constitutional right to record video for the purpose of educating anyone who attempts to infringe that right and commending those who respect it.

Reardon’s Lawsuit against Communicare and Lafayette County Prevails Round One

Matt Reardon files $27.5 Million lawsuit against the State of Mississippi by and through Lafayette County, it’s Sheriff, and multiple named Officials.

Indisputable Example of Civil Rights Violations pursuant to 42 USC 1985

Matt Reardon announces even more legal action to be pending against the Lafayette County Sheriffs Department, Lafayette County, and the State of Mississippi as he shows play by play everything beginning to fall apart for the Department through the poor decisions of several among its ranks. This video contains scenes of excessive force, police brutality, lies, deprivation of rights, and destruction of property; and may not be suitable for all audiences.

Loose State Laws in Mississippi Regarding Involuntary Judicial Commitment

First off this article is an opinion column regarding my own personal opinions surrounding this controversial topic. I have molded my opinion off of falling clutch to involuntary judicial commitment not once, but twice at the hands of state actors and elected officials whom exploited the loopholes in Mississippi’s mental health laws and used it …

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