A Letter to Lafayette County Attorney David O’Donnell

On September 29, 2021 I was capturing some Aerial video of the giant waving flag as well as the lettering above Justice Court when I inadvertently crashed my drone. This led to an extreme overreaction from Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office going FAR outside of their jurisdictional boundaries

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Mr. O’Donnell,

On 9/30/2021 I submitted a Records Request in person to the County Administrator’s Office (Attached) due to an event that occurred the day prior when a drone I was flying had inadvertently crashed due to human error outside of Justice Court while I was filming video of the giant flag waving as well as the top of Justice Court where LAFAYETTE COUNTY is spelled out. No damage was caused except to the propellers of my drone. There was an extreme overreaction by LCSO as I figured would be the case given that the entire politicized agenda since 2017 has been to find anything and everything to blow out of proportion so that they can rig some type of charge/charges, or to manufacture their own version of a crime that never was committed in order to at least give off the impression that a crime occurred. It’s been the same repeated strategy since everything that occurred back in 2017, and this certainly wasn’t any different of a scenario. This is a full blown attack on an independent journalist in retaliation for exercising my constitutionally protected right to free speech and publishing when it comes to matters of grave concern that involve myself and the destructive tactics pushed by Lafayette County to attack and continually attack through retaliatory and obstructive ways for seeking full vindication of my rights and life while producing more and more evidence of extremely foul play, egregious misconduct, and constitutional neglect demonstrating select adherence and enforcement of laws. I reference to this as the “Good Ole Boy” system of law.

In an effort to hinder and obstruct further and not comply with the below requests, Sheriff Joey East decided to create his own sham “investigation” into the matter which he currently leaves open over 4-months later despite numerous documented attempts to compel compliance on the matter. The ridiculous harassment that took place took place directly in front of a minor child whom was in my care at the time, which when combined with more recent discoveries have led to aggravated mitigating circumstances surrounding this matter. Particularly when taking into consideration East using the continued excuse of it being “CLASSIFIED AS AN ACTIVE INVESTIGATION” as reason for his refusal to comply in turning over the requested items. First of all, this far exceeds his jurisdictional authority. I know it, you know it, he knows it, and its been conveyed to him multiple times. Issues surrounding whether or not I possessed a FAA Part 107 Commercial License to fly the drone would be left to the Federal Authorities if they so desired, as it is regarding to FAA and drone flight, not the Sheriff to probe and prosecute. All of this even questioned due to the fact that I have press credentials identifying me as an independent journalist/reporter, UNPAID at that to document the dirty deeds that have stemmed from the County & Sheriff that have affected me personally.

The Information requested in the below report demonstrates quite the contrary of the obnoxious deception and lies tendered to an employee of Communicare by Sheriff East on or around December 7th, 2021 where in it was attested that I am “Provoking People With My Minor Child”. In refusing to comply, the Sheriff in turn has intentionally hindered the due course of justice and all truths prevailing by his choosing to suppress evidence that would show foul play on his behalf as motive behind such attack on the freedoms and liberties of a private citizen. For this department, these deputies, and this Sheriff in particular to subject me to additional unfair and unjust treatment and handling after all that has transpired up to this point which I have gathered evidence on and/or published further exacerbates it all. Further, departmentally attacking me on the issue of being an independent credentialed journalist/reporter is beyond all things acceptable, is completely insulting, and constitutionally destructive. These moves in particular demonstrate a coup-style attempt by the county through its officials to abridge the gap to any potential resolution on any of the major issues currently at hand, and in no way can these actions and decisions lead to curing any any of the now massive violations and grievances at hand. It is beyond appalling that this county through the actions of it’s officials have shown absolutely zero care or sincerity to the major issues at hand which can be simply examined from a binary perspective which in turn have brought about an intentional deprivation of life, liberty, and property through the actions of certain Lafayette County Officials and in particular your Sheriff, Joey East. It is a shame that Lafayette County has painted the largest of signs of public distrust on itself through its lack of transparency, the proven lack of integrity by it’s command leadership, along with the dereliction of duties sworn to under oath through completely malfeasant acts which have progressed to retaliatory attacks on a private citizen whom since the beginning has simply sought out complete vindication and equal protections of the laws as guaranteed by and through the 14th amendment. All that has occurred up to now can be attributed to fruit of the poisoned tree, Lafayette County’s poisoned tree which they continue to poison through actionable decisions that are both improper and immoral. I am confident the argument exists and is warranted that through the extensive lengths and increasingly criminal actions of select county officials and East in particular, that any and all claims of qualified immunity are severed. This is one matter in particular I am planning to argue extensively.

The nonstop obstructive tactics demonstrated by and through Joey East is not only appalling and insulting, but unconstitutional and criminal. Clearly he believes that he is above the rule of law and that he won’t be held to the same expectations and requirements of any other elected or appointed officials. However, I refuse to just sit by silent allowing all of this complete nonsense to go on while I continue getting attacked through the lowest of blows, the most damning of lies, and most sinister of cheap shots directly stemming from East. I am requesting that the requested items in this request be complied upon prior to the end of the day tomorrow and I would like to receive confirmation that this sham obstructive investigation be closed out by that time as well for the reasons stated, primarily being the subject matter jurisdiction/improper jurisdictional authority. The US Attorneys Office is not pursuing this completely frivolous garbage the Sheriffs Office referred over to them, so for LCSO to leave it open in an effort to not comply with these requests is beyond obnoxious and will only lead to additional counts on a Federal complaint being drawn up or a separate suit all together being filed which the County in turn will have to defend.

Kindest Regards from a Very Concerned Citizen,

Matt Reardon – The Complainant


Author: Matt Reardon

Matt Reardon is a 35 year old father of 4. As an independent investigative journalist and reporter, Reardon isn't afraid to venture where others have walked away

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