Riding With The Outlaw- The Podcast 5: The Outlaw vs The Sheriff- A Face-Off Like None Other

ON JANUARY 3RD 2022, Oxford Outlaw Matt Reardon said enough was enough in regards to all the intimidation and lies spewed by Lafayette County Officials and in particular it’s Sheriff Joey East. Especially after it surfaced that East was the source of false and damning information being given to Rachel Alcorn, a Supervisor with Communicare, in order to seek judicial commitment of Reardon the day after he discovers that the assigned judge in a newly filed circuit court matter appealing the rulings in Justice Court was fraudulently changed to another Judge Reardon has long claimed equated to a significant conflict of interest. In response, Reardon drafted up and filed a Sworn Affidavit/Declaration of Truth which he submitted freely, voluntarily, and under penalty of perjury declaring the facts and truths which Lafayette County had gone above and beyond to cover up through some of the most unscrupulpus of moves. This powerful declaration now puts Lafayette County and it’s Sheriff on the heel of their feet through requiring rebuttal to any of the facts and statements contained within the 12-page document to be made within 15-days receipt of the affidavit/declaration, which Lafayette County General Counsel David O’Donnell took official receipt of at the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors meeting on Monday January 3rd, 2022. In the final statement prior to closing the document, Reardon places Lafayette County and Sheriff East on notice of a Federal Lawsuit alleging massive constitutional/civil rights violations set to be filed in District Court at the expiration of the 15-days with or without a response/rebuttal from the Lafayette County Sheriff, Joey East. Tension continues to mount as the court dockets get lengthier in both the State Judiciary and now in the Federal Forum, shedding a horrible light on both Lafayette County and State of Mississippi Officials. See the new article uploaded to RIDINGWITHTHEOUTLAW.COM> https://lafayettems.net/the-outlaw-vs-the-sheriff

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Author: Matt Reardon

Matt Reardon is a 35 year old father of 4. As an independent investigative journalist and reporter, Reardon isn't afraid to venture where others have walked away

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