Riding With The Outlaw- The Podcast 2: S02E02- Plausible UNdeniability | Riding With The Outlaw

It’s a bombshell of true evidence of guilt with Phyllis Liz Crowder whom has refused to comply with a court ordered child visitation agreement since January 20th, 2020. Her attorneys have fully enabled her and truly created victims in assisting her and helping to craft up blatant lies in repetitive attempts to have Reardon falsely incarcerated. With the fierceness of their fight and their random attacks, it begs two questions, who is influencing and how much involvement in Reardon’s 2017 framing did Crowder truly have?

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Author: Matt Reardon

Matt Reardon is a 35 year old father of 4. As an independent investigative journalist and reporter, Reardon isn't afraid to venture where others have walked away

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